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Tolaso J Kos

Tolaso J Kos ( Larisa , Greece , September 17, 1994 ) is a Greek mathematician. Tolaso is merely a nickname and is a contraction of the words “Tolis” and Picasso. His real name is Apostolos. J stands for “Johannes” and Kos is an abbreviation of his last name.

Tolaso J Kos
General Information
Tolaso at Joker’s Cafe , February 2019
Born Apostolos Kourdouklas
September 17, 1994
(25 years old)
Nationality Greek


Height 169cm
Residence Farsala, Greece
Occupation Mathematician, \LaTeX typesetter
Website https://www.tolaso.com.gr
Interests Web Surfing,
Web Development,
Music ,
Chess ,
Languages Greek ( mother tongue ) ,
English ( fluently ) ,
German ,

Early Years

Tolaso was born in Larisa , on September 17, 1994 to Greek parents and raised in Farsala a town nearby. His father was a farmer ( died: October 17, 2017 ) and his mother is a beekeeper. He is a lonely child. At the age of 18 he moved to Ioannina city to study Mathematics.


He graduated Junior & Senior High School of Farsala with merit after successfully attending syllabus of both schools. Throughout this journey he came across Old Greek which he definitely loved ( not from the very beginning though ) . It was this love actually that inspired him to create his own language ( a project still in development ) . Tolaso language will be released some time in the future.

When still in primary school and at the age of 12 he participated in a play called “Our town”. The two roles he landed were that of a magician opening the show and that of the Phantom of the Opera.

After graduating Senior High School he immediately moved to Ioannina, Greece to attend courses in Mathematics. Disappointed by the very whole situation held there he fell into the hands of sorrow and depression. To surpass this feeling, he registered himself at a local theatrical group. He has participated in one play during his college years.

Mathematics may have been his passion for the last 10 years but during his studies he realized that this is not what he wants. Besides Mathematics he is also interested in Computer Programming , where he already knows how to handle some languages well , learning languages as well as traveling.

As of currently he delivers private \LaTeX lessons through Skype.

Tolaso Language

Tolaso has developed a language of his own. It was his love for Old Greek as well as the resting period of some operations that he went through that contributed in creating the language. The official name of the language is “Catalatanicus” and is in no way connected to Latin.

Catalatanicus is a mix of languages; Spanish, English, ( Old ) Greek, Danish and Italian.

More information about this ongoing project will be announced in the future.

Tolaso Network

At the end of 2015 Tolaso launched his first web page at the Internet World. That was a mathematics blog. It was embraced by many people mainly from Greece but China , India and the US soon followed.

However , in 2017 that website went down for the anticipation of the new website. tolaso.com.gr is proud to be hosting the new maths blog by Tolaso as well as his entire work ( free or paid ). Tolaso Network , this is the name given to this new website , is also offering paid \LaTeX services.

  • \LaTeX typesetting services.
  • \LaTeX courses , all the way from beginner’s level to advanced level.

More info, can be found at services.tolaso.com.gr .

Personal Life

Tolaso may be secretive about his personal life, however few things are known about him. He is antisocial in a sense that he rarely leaves his residence unless he is to travel somewhere. He shares some of his adventures on his social media channels , mainly Facebook and Instagram. If he is not at one of his journeys , you’ll probably find him doing presentations for the local bee club that he is president of.

If you want to get to know him contact him at tolaso@tolaso.com.gr or send him a PM through his personal channels.

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