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Tolasoland is a project currently in development by Tolaso. Typically, it’s the name given to Tolaso’s residence. Officially is part of a greater project that shall have immediate connection to Tolaso Language.

General Information
Tolasoland Flag
Tolasoland Flag



Motto Live once again
Capital Tolasoland
Official Languages Catalanicus, English
Establishment July 05 , 2019
Currency Euro
Coordinates 39.346369 , 22.339620


Tolasoland is the main hub for Tolaso’s research. It’s his laboratory , his place of work and the place where all that is published comes from.


Tolasoland sells honey , pollen and honeycombs at very economical prices. Please contact us at tolaso@tolaso.com.gr or call us on +30 \; 698 \; 04 \; 08 \; 243.


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