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The Beginning

Joy of Mathematics ( abbrev: JoM ) has made its launch to the internet world in January, 2015. Its main purpose is ( and remains till today ) to promote the mathematical ideal around the globe. It is mainly focused on university mathematics ( of any level ) as well as general mathematics and mathematical contests ( of any level ).

In the very first few months JoM had only few posts ( no more than 15 ) and it was attracting few people , mainly from the local community. However, in June 2015 after its official announcement  in the creator’s facebook page its popularity increased rapidly. Not only people from the local community knew about it but its reputation got out of the borders reaching countries such as Pakistan, India, Japan, China and all the way up to America and Canada.

The Evolution

Since that period JoM was constantly on the upgrade both on material presented here and on the template so that is appealing to most human eyes. We are now being hosted on our own shared hosting account , have our own web address and of course we are proudly powered by the WordPress software. Mathematical formulae are now rendered by TeX Live and not by MathJaX. The old blog is still present.

The Future

I hope that the future of JoM be bright. Every day we have visitors from around the globe. I , also, hope that the reader that lands here may find something interesting. My team and I will try our very best to post of high quality.

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