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The Beginning

Joy of Mathematics ( abbrev: JoM ) has made its launch to the internet world in January, 2015. Its main purpose is ( and remains till today ) to promote the mathematical ideal around the globe. It is mainly focused on university mathematics ( of any level ) as well as general mathematics and mathematical contests ( of any level ).

In the very first few months JoM had only few posts ( no more than 15 ) and it was attracting few people , mainly from the local community. However, in June 2015 after its official announcement  in the creator’s facebook page its popularity increased rapidly. Not only people from the local community knew about it but its reputation got out of the borders reaching countries such as Pakistan, India, Japan, China and all the way up to America and Canada.

The Evolution

Since that period JoM was constantly on the upgrade both on material presented here and on the template so that is appealing to most human eyes. We are now being hosted on our own shared hosting account , have our own web address and of course we are proudly powered by the WordPress software. Mathematical formulae are now rendered by TeX Live and not by MathJaX. The old blog is still present.

The Present

It’s been 3 years that JoM has moved to its new home registered under the domain tolaso.com.gr . It is now property of the more general project and network; Tolaso Network. Tolaso himself is an analyst enthusiast. It is therefore logical that the tag “Analysis” has the majority of the exercises. However, there are 2 more contributors:

  1. John Khan algebraist from Israel. He contributes to JoM by uploading exercises either of Algebra point of view or of Contest point of View.
  2. Oliver Oppsenhaim from the Netherlands. Oliver is a Special Functions enthusiast. He contributes to JoM by uploading exercises that involve series or integral computations.

No way, there is a balance between all math branches. For example Analysis has a bunch of exercises, Algebra some and Geometry zero to none. Of course JoM archive is missing topics on Probabilities and Statistics.

In these 3 years we had the forum of JoM removed due to poor activity. The main contributors John , Oliver and me tried very hard to keep the forum running but to no avail. So we took a decision to only keep the blog and update it regularly, something that is beyond our control at the moment since several duties keep us busy and tied. But, we do our very best and new content is being added to the blog.

Personally , I’m very happy that I have my own place in the Internet World and I can share my ideas and exercises that I find interesting with the world. JoM has constant traffic from all over the world. Our main visitor is Asia; India , China and Japan. The following graph may give you a clue of the visitors daily:


I’m surprised to see that most traffic comes from Japan and China. One would expect that Europe would be more active , but no! Let alone USA and latin America. I’m happy with the traffic though! This means that some people find the blog’s content useful and probably instructive. I thank you all.

A collection of Problems in Analysis

In these 3 years I also compiled a PDF booklet with exercises in Analysis. The exercises are advanced topics ( the majority of them anyway ). The booklet is consisted of 4 main sections:

  1. Real Analysis ( theoretical topics )
  2. Topology ( proving some useful lemmata )
  3. Complex Analysis
  4. Integrals & Serieses ( computational topics )

The language of the booklet is English and it has been crossposted in many different fora including mathematica.gr , mathimatikoi.org and aops.com . People embraced it and have sent me comments on how to improve the layout or correct the pronunciation of some exercises. I thank all of them to having contacted me.

On top of that , this booklet has been linked with a class being taken in Italy as a supplementary material. Jack D’Aurizio that teaches that particular lesson is a great professor. I thank him so much.

These notes are proudly hosted at the following address. They can also be found at Google Drive.  The current version of the booklet is 10. The PDF contains 500 exercises that the reader will definitely enjoy. Unfortunately , the solutions are not yet available. Poke me if you want the solution of a particular exercise.

The Future

I don’t know what the future holds for JoM but I expect it to be bright. You can keep us on going by considering a tiny donation:

This way you give us the strength to carry on with our mission. We thank you in advance!

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